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Address: Hongshan Farm, Xiaoshan,Hangzhou, China


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laboratory Detailed introduction:
    Hangzhou Jmart Foods Co., Ltd. Is a professional production quick-frozen vegetables, frozen fruit, freeze drying (FD) food, prepared food etc of the modernization of the comprehensive properties product processing enterprise. The company is located in beautiful hangzhou city zhejiang province of the rich xiaoshan district hong shan, the transportation convenience, the farm superior geographical position: west 20 kilometers away from downtown, east 5 km from hangzhou xiaoshan international airport; From the Shanghai port and ningbo port 150 kilometers. Covering a total area of 55 mu, the factory total construction area of 27270 m2, processing workshop area 14478 m2, cold storage size 15 seats, is a modern new food company.
The company facilities, equipment is advanced, the investment tens of millions of yuan, built the integrating production, research &development in one of the modernization of the factory. The layout and production process strictly according to international standard design. Purchase production equipment, detector achieved the international advanced level. Enterprise has with matching all kinds of professional and technical personnel. Complete equipment and facilities for the research and development of the room and the laboratory, which can carry out of farming incomplete, microbe, physical and chemical, sensory indexes, etc DuoZhong project detection.
In quality management, enterprise in strict accordance with HACCP standard and the standard of ISO9000 management, and actively to the authentication, make more have to participate in the international competition ability.
While the with good faith management, the service of the superior quality, strict management, to meet every customer’s arrival. The chairman of the company together with all staff warmly welcome you to come to discuss, the cooperation. We expect with you to establish long-term friendly cooperative relations.